Sunday, April 15, 2012

Strawberries... Covered and smothered??

Two days ago while wandering around Fresh and Easy I came across a 4 POUND container of strawberries, and at 1.98 for all 4 GLORIOUS pounds there was no way that they weren't coming home in my canvas bag!  So home they came, and me with all intention of cutting them and freezing them for smoothies all summer.

Enter my friend Stephanie stage left.... she is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, and I think what is better for a birthday than chocolate covered strawberries?? And how very easy are they??  A pound of chocolate chips from Sprouts and a can of Almonds and we were in business.

If you've never made chocolate covered strawberries please go out and make some NOW!  Hopefully this has gotten your taste buds salivating, and you'll be back for more tomorrow?

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