Monday, June 4, 2012

Inspiration Monday

There is something about the water and the sun sinking into it that always makes me want to create something!

I took this pic at Newport Beach, Ca on our last trip out there
We took a perfect evening stroll, watched a dog run from the water, and saw a kid buried in the sand...
It was a super relaxing afternoon, and it was capped off with this amazing sunset!
God knew exactly what I needed that day, (and every other day for that matter.)

I hope this little snippet inspires you on your "Manic Monday"

How often do you stop to watch the sun rise or set?  Take the time this week to just enjoy it!

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  1. Beautiful... I'm more of a sunset kind of gal (I'm not a "morning person". Ha!)

    Great index cards so far - I look forward to seeing more :)


    p.s. That teal typewriter is fantastic! (Super find!)


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