Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Be still

I want to share with you all s fun piece I woke up thinking about.
Do you want a bit of a back story?
Well here goes.
A number of months ago I painted and sanded some pieces of wood.
I had hoped to piece them together to make a sign.
Alas that never happened, and the pieces ended up stacked in the garage under a shelf.
Two days ago my daily bible verse was 
The lord will fight for you, you need only to be still. Exodus 14:14.
Wow talk about speaking directly yo my soul.
I needed those words like I need water.
This morning I woke up thinking about that verse,
And how I could bring them into my home.
So.... I stenciled and hand painted them onto those old pieces of weathered wood.
I've never attempted this sort of project before, so it's certainly new to me! 

Wow I was blown away by how quickly this went together,
And I'm loving the end result.
I hope today finds you being still, I'm hearing so much more from the lord when I stop all the chatter.

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Mixed media: new to you

Thursday, January 8, 2015

12 tags of 2015: January

I've been in a mixed media frenzy lately!
I have paint all over myself, and all over my studio.

If you read my post on Sunday you know that I've started a new journal, and I'll be 
doing Documented Life and Documented Faith.

Well I also want to do the 12 tags of 2015 that Tim Holtz posts every month.
It's a good chance to maybe try out some new product, and it's always a chance to do something new.
I love that he usually shows us a new technique,
and this year I'm going to attempt to teach his tag to my Meet up group!

Sooooo without further adieu, here is my take. 
And here's a close up of the twenty and the 15.  
MMMM look at all that painted goodness!
And glittery too! 
Finally i had to share this pic, I took it when I was glittering up my 5. 

Of course now I have glitter everywhere 
including the Living Room floor, and my dog's head,
but that's the fun of it isn't it?? 

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Anything but a card new beginnings

Hello bloggers! I know its been a while. Today a brand spankin new challenge is up at anything but a card challenge
I have decided to try a weekly prompt that will challenge me both artistically and spiritually. So I'll be working with the documented life and documented faith projects.  For this week I decorated the cover of my journal a bit. I tend to work organically, so this may change, but I'm certainly excited about a new journal and a new beginning. Please come along and join me?