Thursday, May 31, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Paint

I want to say that this is a challenge, but paint isn't really for me!
I LOVE paint! 
The colors, the thickness, the versatility!
I did get a gel plate about a month ago, and that has been a challenge,
So I decided to try to not make too much of a mess with gel plate 
directly onto the journal page.

It gets a little busy, but lets be honest, my pages are almost always "busy!"

This was after just the first three layers.

The tag itself was just one layer of the gel plate. and then the stamps and some doodling.
Finally I added the verse in a big almost unreadable hand on the other side. 

I'm not hiding it, I just think that the lettering adds something to the page as well and the 
wonderful words of our Father.

Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, 
and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Stencils and Clippings

Good morning, 
You haven't heard from me for a couple of days, 
that's not because I haven't been journaling, 
it's because I ended up combining two days of challenges.
Stencils and Clippings

James 1:3 Because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.

James is one of my husbands favorite books. 
He gets all excited whenever he reads it.
And this is such an amazing reminder of how important Faith is in our walk with God.

So for the first part of the challenge I used paint and an assortment of stencils.

If you've followed me any amount of time you know that this is a pretty standard for me!
I have started using a better quality acrylic paint, and I'm noticing a big difference,
Not as much muddling of the colors! 
So for the second part of the challenge I started by walking down to my mailbox
After I'd picked out the verse and written it down on my desk paper I started to cut out letters, and some words. 
I knew I wouldn't find perseverance, nor apparently did I spell it correctly the first time!

The good thing about clippings is that they are easy to cover the mistakes! 
So there! 
I don't usually mind mistakes, but I know spelling mistakes can be corrected.
So there you have it, a 2 in 1 art journal challenge, 
and knowing that we aren't ever perfect, but we can often fix the mistakes! 

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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Gelato's (kind of!)

Yes, I am posting two times today.  
Like many of you I work a full time job 
(Sometimes more than full time since I own my own business!)
And while I make the time to get creative,
I often run out of the time to get the blog live!
So since it's Saturday (yeah!) and that is a slower work day,
I get to blog while I sit and enjoy a cup of espresso at a local coffee shop! 
So today's prompt was Gelato's.
And I KNOW that I have some in my studio...
But alas I could not find them! 
So I pulled the closest thing I could think of, and that was Distress Crayons. 
Not quite the same, but in the same family! 
It's pretty bright and kind of busy but I'm liking it! 
Besides, it's about pushing myself right??
So first I put down the crayons
spritz with water and rub with my finger and there you go!
Not exactly what I was picturing, but I went with it anyways!
So I added a bit of white paint through stencils.
That seemed to be a bit more me! 
Then I saw the houses,
two of which I had already stamped, colored and cut out the other day, 
but never used them.  So there they sat on the desk.
I just stamped a couple more, and then colored them with the crayons.
cut them out, and they had to have something to sit on,
so I used the black crayon to make the "hills"
After gluing them down I realized that I wanted to write on the black. 
No bueno though, my uni-ball would write about two letters. 
So I used the white distress crayon. 
It's not quite the look I wanted, but that was a learning lesson! 
Next time stick to the paint!

Hope you are having a blessed weekend, and that you're enjoying my days of challenges! 

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Art Journal Challenge: Paper Scraps

Today I will have two posts for you.
The update is that I'm right where I should be with doing a challenge every day,
However I don't always have time to blog what I've created each day.
Soooo this challenge (paper scraps) was actually created yesterday.

I used only scraps of paper for this. 
And yes that included the girls!
Here is one of my dirty secrets...
Probably not the best picture, but that is my stash of paper pieces.
And in that stash I found the girls.
I'm almost positive that I got them at one of the two Dina Wakley classes that I attended a few years ago.
So this was a pretty simple and straight forward.
I glued down scraps of paper onto the journal.
Some overlapped, some didn't.
Then I did a white wash of watered down acrylic paint to sort of bring the boldness down.
From there it was time to work on the girls.
They are by the way just printed on copy paper. 
I colored them with the scribble sticks, and then a little bit of water brought them to the state they're in.

I didn't even really have to fussy cut them. 
I mounted them onto some old scraps of dictionary paper.
A secret: I liked the lines on the dictionary paper, but only had enough to do one of the girls.
So I added the lines to the other piece of paper that I used! 
Finishing touches were some nonsensical writing with the uni-ball white pen, 
and the addition of the Bible verse.
All hand written! 
I'm starting to like my writing a little bit more.  
So that was yesterday, and I hope you are a bit inspired!

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Have a blessed day! 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Scribble Sticks

Ok, so today is Scribble Sticks. 
Remember if you want to win a set of your own, leave a comment here or on any of the Art Journal Challenge posts!
So today I decided to do a little more drawing, 
I figured a cactus would be a good place to start, 
and then I could color them in with the scribble sticks. 
I'm not always good at leaving white space, so this was a bit of a challenge for me. 
But I got to work with a pencil first,
and you can see where I started coloring in the drawing,

At this point I could have just colored them in with the sticks and not gone in with water.
It looks sort of like crayon.
But you all know that wouldn't be me! 
This was fully colored with water, and then I went over the drawing with my pen. 
I'm pretty happy with how they came out! 
I mean not bad for my first try!
Then of course I had to add a verse to the other side. 
This was in my "the Book of Mysteries" devotional today, and it really is what prompted the cactus.

I know when I'm in a dry area of my life I can always find comfort in God, and in His many promises!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you are inspired in some way!  

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Only one Color

Ok, so only using one color can be a bit daunting right?
I mean most of us love the ooooey gooey lovely colors of our backgrounds.
However, there is something freeing about not having to make all those choices too!
I opted for blue of course, because it's currently my obsession!

I can't think of anything more refreshing than water.
The Living Water of Jesus Christ, and the giving life of water.
I am beyond blessed by my Lord to get to create these pages, and to live in a life of wonder.
Thinking about all the tiny details that go into each of our lives and how 
He took the time to create all of it!

Some process pictures?
I started with distress inks and covered the whole background

Then I splattered some water.  To do this I spray water on my hand until it starts to pool, 
and then I throw it gently at the page. 
I liked how most of it was towards the bottom of the page.
After this I guess I forgot to take any pictured until it was done.
I used scribble sticks to get the section darker, 
and I drew circles for the air bubbles, and then painted them with white acrylic paint.
Finally I did a little outlining with scribble sticks and my fude ball pen.
Lastly I added the verse.  
Like a lot of you I'm not too keen on my own handwriting, but I'm continuing to work on it! 
Hope you are having a blessed day! 
I may get to play some more later as I'm off from work today! 

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Only things not on the desk

So todays prompt is "only things not on the desk"
I'm sure there are some of you out there that have messy desks like me! 
Sometimes I wonder how I get anything done!
The ironic part about this prompt today is that just last night I cleaned the desk off!!! Well not completely, but I did put a lot of stuff away! 
Mostly because I needed space for a sewing project. 
So today's page is one that I'm really proud of! 
I wasn't really sure where I was going with this when it started. 
Well first I had to pull some stencils and paint,
And I was lucky that my makeup sponges got "put away" last night so I didn't have to use my fingers!
I forgot how much I love these mandala looking circles! 
However I got a little paint happy, and there is a big blob of paint under the spotted piece of paper.
This is the best part of Art Journaling isn't it?
I get to cover up my "mistakes" with stuff that's laying around! 
I know that the last two years have been a test for me in KNOWING the love of Christ, 
and following where he leads, and not where I "think" I need to be. 
His blessings are amazing, and I know he knows my future.
This has been the verse for us this week, 
And this was a lesson in patience as each of those letters is hand stamped! 
But I just love how they turned out!  

Hope you have a blessed day, and remember to leave a comment for a chance to win some Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks (not used on this project because I left them on my desk!!)

Ok, ok, and here is a picture of my wonderful "helper" today

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Journaling

 Did you think I wouldn't be around today?
Nope, here I am!
I did get my crafty time in earlier, but haven't had time to blog until now!
Lots of exciting stuff going on today, but you'll have to wait a little bit longer to really hear about it!
So the prompt for today is Journaling
I don't always add this element to my art journal, but lately I have been.

Here is the finished product,
I clipped the prompt to the upper corner.
  I'm sure you're wondering where the journaling is,
well, it's under the flap!
See, there it is! 
I tried to keep it sort of simple today, 
the journaling was a great add, but I am missing my fude ball pen,
so I did have to order a new one! 
The flap is held on with a bit of washi tape,
The background is just a bit of paint.
The arrows are part of some Tim Holtz rub ons, as is the blessed card.

Want some more pics? Of course you do! 

Ok, thats all for today, I hope you are having a wonderful end to your weekend!
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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Letters

The challenge today: LETTERS
I think when I wrote that prompt out I thought of gluing old letters to the background. 
But that's not how it turns out!  

I made the colorful background with paints and a brayer.  
I did gesso the pages first, and that's a great great great idea! 

Then I stamped and stenciled the letters. 
I just used whatever I could find that was letters, and I tried to not have them 
be in any particular order. 

Then I added the white for the verse.  
I painted with my white acrylic paint. 
Which many of you know isn't the easiest thing to write on!
I looked everywhere for my fude ball pen, 
But it's been lost over my two year hiatus!
I promptly ordered some new ones from Amazon that will be here on Monday, 
But in the mean time I had to make due! 
So I grabbed the closest thing that I thought would work.
A Sharpie, and well, it got the job done.  Not very elegant, but it's another finished piece. 

The final touch is I added the black around the edges. 
I used the black scribble stick for this, and then I wanted to write on it, but I couldn't find anything
that would show up other than my white paint pen, and well it's just too thick for that. 

If anyone has a suggestion I'd take it! 

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Drips

To say that this was a fun challenge would be a gross understatement! 
I have ink on my hands and fingers even still!
So simply put the challenge was Drips. 

You want to see the pictures I know so here they are! 
First some paint

Then some sprays

Then a little bit of stencling 
And then the final addition of the simple sentiment. 
 I didn't really want anything to detract from the drips, and I think I accomplished that! 

Hope you enjoy!

Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win a set of Dina Wakley scribble sticks. 
(closes June 9th 2018)
What are you working on today? 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Bible Verse from Daily Reading

Today is day three of the Art Journal Challenge, 
I'm hoping to try out a video in the next week or two as well
(Apparently I need an extension for my tripod!)
So today I drew the slip that says Bible Verse From Daily Reading. 

I should let you all know about my morning routine I guess! 
So I get up and get coffee
because I love the warmth and little bit of sweetness. 
And I spend about an hour doing a daily devotional 
(Currently the Book of Mysteries by Johnathan Khan)
And then I read the Bible.  
I had tried one of those 365 bibles, and it wasn't for me.  I never felt like I was retaining books, just jumping around.  So now I read through an entire book. 
I'm currently in II Samuel and man is David a fun read! 
However the devotional had a great verse in it. 
Since you can't see the verse so wonderfully it is 
Ephesians 5:13 But everything exposed by the Light becomes visible - and everything that is illuminated becomes the Light.  
Ironically that wasn't even in the devotional, it was actually Ephesian 5:14, but I looked above and it struck me as wonderful! 

So I tried to do a happy yellow background.  
I layered on with some stencils, and did a little "journaling" that I mostly covered up.
 To be honest, I'm pretty sure that this will be a page I will come back and do some revisions to. 

Here are a few process photos:

So here's my question to you, Do you do a daily devotional?

Do you incorporate it into your journaling? 

And do you have a devotional that you just love?  

Have a wonderful and blessed day! 

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