Saturday, June 2, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Gelly plate

Good morning!
It's a beautiful morning here... a start to a HOT week coming up!
I'll be happy to be out of the extreme heat of next weekend!
Enough about the weather.
Today the challenge was Gel Plate.
I am very new to using the gel plate, but I'm doing my best to be fearless.
What did I take from this challenge?
Less is more when it comes to the gel plate.
You see what I mean?
Holy paint and stencils and craziness batman!
But I went with it anyways.
Here is how the page started.
I've been slapping excess pain onto the next page each day.
And it looks like the paint didn't dry enough before I shut the book
so the ripping in the middle. 
But that never really bothers me!
I just got to it! 
I had some Lindy's stamp Gang sprays out on my table, 
So I slapped some gesso on the gel plate, and covered that with a stencil, and then the sprays.
The result is pretty cool. 
Obviously some of these got used, and some will be other things I guess!
But yummy! I mean the possibilities!
I got down to arranging, 
And the verse is hand stamped again.
I am embracing my stamping imperfections! 
The bird is from Dina Wakley's like of stamps, and I need to find a few that seem to have flown away!
She is a cute little bird!
The verse is just a part of Isaiah 41:13
The final addition was the wash tape along the edge and the top.
I think possibly I need more black, but for now I'm gonna say its done. 

I was working on a youtube video of my bullet journal last night 
(YES I'm one of those!)
But I ran out of memory on my phone, so there may be a camcorder or camera purchase in the near future.
God has been pushing me into this youtube world for a while, and I have been resisting.
What am I scared of? 
God promises he will help me! 

Have a blessed day!
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Friday, June 1, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Stars

Good morning,
The art journal challenge is coming closer to it's end!
What a great experience this has been so far.
Don't get me wrong, there are still at least 4 prompts in the bowl,
But it's hard to believe its flown by so fast!

Today the prompt was Stars:

I absolutely adore stars,
and have probably been looking for the right project for those glittery ones for a while!

You can see that I'm working through my journal day by day,
soon it will be too fat on one side, and nothing on the other.
Oh well!
so here are the process pictures
First I just stamped these stars with permanent ink

Then I used my two star stencils to add more starts with acrylic paint.
This blob of paint started out as a sort of pink color, and it was just wrong!
So I covered it with orange, and then white, it's still not quite what I pictured, but there it is
none the less. 
Next I started adding the stars, they are glittery, and have literally been on my desk for years! 
Then I looked for a bible verse, I thought something with stars, 
and then I opened my youversion bible app, and this was today's verse
On a side note, about three or four years ago I painted this same verse onto two pieces of scrap wood,
They have been in my kitchen ever since. 

I'm pretty happy with my stars prompt.
I'm going to miss this little challenge when it ends next week, 
Maybe I'll just start over again!  

Hope you are having a blessed day, and remember to leave a comment for a chance to win some Dina Wakley scribble sticks!