Friday, September 18, 2015

Just for Fun with alcohol inks

Good morning friends and fellow bloggers.
If you've come to my blog by way of Just for Fun Stamps
then welcome, and I'm so happy you hopped on over. 
I have a fun card and a mini-tutorial to share with you all today.

But first I am so happy to share with you all that I have been asked to join the design team at Just for Fun Stamps, and today is my first posting. 
I got a HUGE package of the most amazing stamps,
and after sorting through them all, I knew I'd be using this amazing and large peacock feather first! 
Wow right?? 
I love the crisp image that is produced, especially over my alcohol ink background.
Speaking of that background, here is a little mini-tutorial on how I made that background.

First I dropped a little bit of each color onto my glass work surface.
You could also use your craft mat,
but it wouldn't work on just paper because it will absorb into the paper.
Add some blending solution on top of these inks.
Then you swipe your gloss paper through the inks. 
Keep on swiping until you get the coverage you want. 
If your inks start to dry out add more of the blending solution and keep on picking up the ink onto your paper. 
Mmmmmm isn't that a beautiful background?
I then dropped (gently) some blending solution to the background to make some more detail.
Wanna know the best part of working with this product??
It dries so fast you won't believe it, and you can stamp it up immediately!
I used my archival ink to stamp the peacock feather onto the back ground. 
I hope you found my mini-tutorial helpful, and are inspired to maybe break out those alcohol inks you've had stashed in the back of your closet. 
Remember how fun and beautiful they are.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Butterfly tag

Good morning friends!
I suppose I have been a bad blogger of late! 
I've been very busy in the other side of my life,
Or I have been making presents that couldn't be shared here until they were given!
However today I am sharing my tag for September....
Wow hard to believe it's September, and halfway through at that!
There was a major overhaul of the craft room that sent me into a bit of a spin this morning when I went looking for my alcohol inks!
Whew I found them! 
So this months tag is butterfly goodness. 
The background is alcohol inks, then stamped butter flies,
Then clear embossing through a stencil, then stamping and fussy cutting the butterflies from vellum (another hide and seek to find that in the craft room as well!)
But here is the end result, and I'm adoring it! 
Just such lovely colors and textures!
I'll of course be entering this into the 12 tags of 2015 that Tim holtz has on his blog. 
If you're getting your craft on, come join along here.
I'll be teaching this class as part of my 12 tags series tonight, and can't wait for the girls to get inky!