Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sam's Gringo Guac

Two days ago I received an excited call from my nephew Sam.  
He and my niece spend a few weeks every summer with Pop and Grandma at their home in Charlotte, NC.
Sam was calling because they had come up with a recipe for Guacamole!  
What better place to showcase that recipe than here on my blog??  
Well plus I get to eat the guac for the next day or two! 

6 avocado's
1 ear of fresh corn
1/2 can of black beans
1 lime
fresh chopped cilantro
1/2 cup salsa

Cut and chop the avocados, cut corn off the ear and add to the avocado's, drain and rinse the black beans and add to the mixture, squeeze lime juice on top, add cilantro and salsa, and mix.  I added some salt to taste, and am eating it with a bag of chips!  

This is the perfect snack for this HOT summer day!  Thanks Sam for the recipe, I'll be adding it to the family cookbook!  

What is your favorite fresh treat in the summer?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Con "grad" ulations

I wanted to make a card for my niece's graduation, and since her school colors were red and she wore a bright blue dress under her graduation gown I figured this was a perfect chance to use these colors! 
I'm so proud of all her accomplishments... and barely 17 years old too!!! 
I can't wait to send her this little beauty!

And a close up where you can see all the dots I added to her dress, and on the gear wheels too!  

On the bottom I added a little sentiment using my dymo label writer
Finally I added a strip of ribbon, twine, and a little flower with a jewel brad in the middle to round out this fun card! 
The digital image is from the very talented Krista Smith at Saturated Canary... check out her shop here!
Her digi's are truly amazing!
entering this card in:
Saturated canary "red white and blue" challenge:
dilly beans "dot's" challenge: 
 card makin mama's "red white and blue" challenge:
delightful challenges "anything goes" :
poodles parlour "red white and blue:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I love blog hopping!!!!

Ok, so I've posted before about winning a blog hop.... and today I found out I have won another one!!
All this after I won 3 times at Bingo on Friday night!
I'm feeling like I'm on a lucky streak!
Today I found out I won from Monika at
$50 Gift Certificate
to big picture classes!
I am soooooo stoked!  I have been wanting to take a card making class (cause I can never seem to put them together just right!) and now is my chance!  
I'm so sorry I don't have any eye candy today, with all this winning, it's been a busy week! 
I am working on my SC card, and hope to have that up for you all to see tomorrow! 

If you have a minute, please check out Monika's site, and see all the fun classes (and even some free ones!) over at big picture classes too! 

How about a suggestion as to what classes I should take with my gift certificate?? 
Have a Smash*ing weekend!  Go an create!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Another Smash*ing challenge

It took me a few days to finish, but the smash*aholics facebook challenge was to use paint, glitter, and three pictures!
I had this page pegged from the day I bought the book!  I couldn't wait to smash it in...
Work got in the way Sunday and Monday, so I finally finished it tonight! 

All pics of food/ us eating those foods!  MMMMM  
We had a great time last summer in Philly and Washington DC with my sis and the fam,  seeing all the sites of our wonderful capitol! 

I was super happy to use Mary's photo transfer tutorial (find it here!
for the Jim's steaks sign that I printed out on reg-o printer paper! 

Just a little bit of glitter glue for the "Ben's" sign, and I was almost done!  
I washi'd up the pics, and voila!  a fun smash* page was born! 
I hope you're enjoying all my creations!  Feel free to follow along, or leave lovely comments!  Have a smash*ing evening!  Remember to create something today!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Made my own Smash* book

I seem to be on a bit of a smash* kick lately!
Last week I got my first "real" smash* book, and I love her, I have already done a few pages in her
and that got me thinking how much I would love to have the freedom of being able to take pages in and out,
and move them all around
You put your left foot in, you take your left foot out...
Sorry I digress..
So I pulled out all my double sided scrapbook paper, found I had enough to make a pretty book
Stopped by a local thrift store, where I picked up a smallish three ring binder and I went to work!!!

I had to make a cover, so I pulled out my pretty batiks, and made the red cover, in the process I found these crazy quilt squares that I had made and were in my UFO (unfinished Objects) pile!
What a perfect place to use a few right??

Once the cover was finished I just had to cut the papers to fit inside, and punchy some holes in them and voila, my very own smash book!!!  With removeable pages, and versatility!!! 

These are just a few of the inside pages I can't wait to get to work on these new pages!!! 
Any suggestions for my inagural page?? 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Smash*ing good time

Yesterday I lounged around all day in my pj's..
Well except for when I ran to the Wal-Mart for dog food!
So after that little outing I put the pj's back on...
And sat in my studio while the hubs was at work.. and had the house to myself 
I churned out a few things, and have a few more to work on still.... but here's a little sneak peak 

I know those of you that follow me know I'm not buying any new product this month...
I did deviate a little from this... I did get a real live smash book...
HOWEVER... I got it with a gift certificate that I won thru work for carpooling one day last month!!!
Yeah!!!  $20 at Target got me the large blue smash book, a roll of 4 washi's, and some other 
embellies!!!  I was super excited to get down and dirty!

Hubs could actually place where we were in this pic! Kudos to him..

Bonus was that I got to use my "label maker" gun finally!  
Hope you're having a fabulous Fathers Day!  Give the dad's in your life the special treatment today! 
Even if their like my hubby and are just a dad to your animals!  They are still 
so very special to our lives! 
entering this page into the eyelet's challenge at: cupcake challenges

Saturday, June 16, 2012

SC challenge # 19

I have loved the Saturated Canary "usherette" since I first saw her! 
 (find her here!)
And I kept saying "I'll use her for this..." or "I'll use her for that..."
Well today was finally the day! 
Over at the facebook Smash* aholics page there is a challenge to use a digi in your smash*book
So finally a chance to use the pretty usherette and some of my old movie stubs

I used some copics, and prismacolor markers to color her in, then snipped her out and smashed her down!
I also got a chance to use some of the amazing box of ric rack I found this weekend at an estate sale...

I added a little writing, and an xo sticker... doodled a little around the "frame" and added some hearts! 
I Love her!!!  
entering into SC challenge #19
and also showing it off for the smashing facebook group! 
Please feel free to check out some of the other stuff I've done!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tim holtz June tag

How have I missed these fun challenges all year??? 
The challenge is to make a tag and tim (as in TIM HOLTZ) shows you how to 
color an "antique" photo using nibs and your distress inks! 
This photo was perfect for the challenge!
No, it's not anyone I know... I found it at an estate sale a few weeks back.

 The background of the tag is distress inks, mottled with water, and then a stamp of flourishes in black distress.  Once that was done I went to work on the photo, which was originally black and white 
mounted on a piece of blue cardboard. 
I colored her top with barn door red, and her hankie around her neck I did a combo of Crushed olive and Peeled Paint.  
For the "2" I used a "bone button" that I had in my stash from way back, I embossed the 2 using vintage photo distress ink, and clear embossing powder.
The 5 came from a pack of vinyl letters I got on clearance last month.
Some more stamping, and I went to work on the placard. 
I used some paint dabbers, and some black acrylic to distress what used to be a shiny silver.  
I got to use my "new" typewriter to make the sentiment.  I added a little fabric flower underneath, held together with a sparkly brad. 
I really struggled to "fill the empty space" on the bottom of the tag, but I finally ended up adding a sixpence
left over from some of the wedding projects, and tied up with 
some twine from the twinery 

Finally what is a tag without a ribbon?? I colored some white ribbon using my distress inks, and added another piece of twine, added a pin and a rusted washer. 

I can't say how much fun I had doing this project!  It really was a labor of love to make all of this tag 
without running to the store to get this or that!  I've stood strong all month.... So far two weeks of not buying any new product!  I hope you enjoy this! 
Entering into:

ICAD's 11 & 14

 I did miss a few day's of ICAD!  But I'm back at it!!!  
This Purple Pretty was a prompt....
 #11. "Purple Flower"
I was clipping my coups, surfing daisy yellow, and thought why don't I use purple from the ads...
So I cut out all purple ads, and made this little pretty! 

Then the prompt for today was 
#14. "Stripes"
Tammy used burlap to make stripes, and I glanced over at my stash of ribbons...
what a great time to use them??  

I hope you enjoyed the ICAD's, I will be posting my Tim Holtz June tag today as well, 
so come back and check that out!  It's been over a week in the making!  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Inspiration Monday

I love the art deco-ness of this sign!
I remember when I lived in Florida my grandmother used to take us shopping in downtown Miami, and all the buildings and signs had that art deco feeling!
I couldn't believe it when I saw this sign, (and the parking gargage as a whole)
this last week when I was downtown for jury duty! 

What does something nostalgic like this make you remember?
How can you use that in your crafting?  Enjoy your Monday!  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

ICAD catch up

 I have been a bad ICAD(er?) this week.... 
(If you don't know what an ICADer is go to daisy yellow and check it out!!!)   
As mentioned before I was caught up this week at Jury duty and helping my mother in law at her new shop!  
However today I'm working some overtime (at my regular job) 
and so I thought it would be a good time to catch up on all my missed ICAD's!
#9 Alphabet
I am in love with twine, and went to the bakery again yesterday (it's conveniently located down the street from said mother in laws new shop!)

 #8 Mexican plate
I googled "mexican plate" and did my best to copy what I saw! 

#7 Floral
I found a pack of doilies at an estate sale on Thursday, so I cut some pieces off, colored them with my copics and added some leaf details! LOVE! 

#6 Bon Voyage
I still wanted to use the fish prompt, and figured this was the best one to play with!  
So yes, those are fish, not turtles... although turtles would be cute and fun too!!!

#5 Blossom
I was at jury duty, on the 5th floor of the brand new court building, and looking out the windows is a beautiful old building that has a beautiful scroll work on it at the top! 
I tried to duplicate, but didn't even come close... The #33 was my number in the selection pool!  Luckily after two days I got excused!

 What have you done that's creative today???  You still have time!!!

Kitty Chaos

I'm sorry I've been MIA most of this week, it was a crazy week!
I had jury duty on Tuesday AND Wednesday,
and have been helping my mother in law with her new shop the rest of the week.....
Hopefully your week hasn't been as hectic as mine,
and your like me kitten here... lounging and loving life!

My kitten is cute and cuddly
And not so much of a kitty any more..

On the up side he catches flies and keeps the dogs in line! Ha

However sometimes his antics end up in a mess..

But there can be beauty in the chaos... Like footprints on the towel used to
sop up all the water from the water bowl!

Remember to stop and see the beauty, even when it's at your own expense!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Card swap part deux

I couldn't leave well enough alone...
I had to do a second card for the swap
This wonderful saturated canary image is called Dorothy... Duh!!

She was so much fun to color... All 6 times I did!!
I added a little bit of polka dots to her socks, and some glitter glue to her shoes.
After all don't her shoes make her??

The background I added some quilting and sewing.
I'm entering this card in the q is for quilt challenge over at abc challenge

I used my copics, prismacolor and a bic marker to color her..
And finally hubby used my new typewriter to "print" the sentiment on the side.
Isn't she a lovely card???

Monday, June 4, 2012

Inspiration Monday

There is something about the water and the sun sinking into it that always makes me want to create something!

I took this pic at Newport Beach, Ca on our last trip out there
We took a perfect evening stroll, watched a dog run from the water, and saw a kid buried in the sand...
It was a super relaxing afternoon, and it was capped off with this amazing sunset!
God knew exactly what I needed that day, (and every other day for that matter.)

I hope this little snippet inspires you on your "Manic Monday"

How often do you stop to watch the sun rise or set?  Take the time this week to just enjoy it!


Things you would take on a journey or trip:

Since I did this one while sitting at my desk at work, I mostly just used my copic markers...
I wanted it to be colorful! 
Don't forget to drop by daisy yellow and join in her Index Card a Day Challenge! 
It really is fun and easy!

What would you take on a trip or journey??  How could you fit that onto an index card?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New toys

Every other Saturday is half price at my local good will....
The hubby and I wandered through the throngs of deal seekers looking for our own treasures
Hubby found three CDs he wanted (unfortunately they all three had been stolen out of the cases)
I had my eye out for this beauty

I'm smitten...
The little kid in line behind us said "what kind of computer is that?"
And when I sent mom a pic of my new toy she said "it looks old not new"

Something's were built to last
Upon returning home with my pretty I found the a and q keys weren't working.. I pulled out hubbies needle nose pliers and went to work... 

Now she hums and purrs while I type away...
No I won't be writing any ransom notes on this baby... But her pretty letters will be showing up in my art very soon..
And because you can't tell from the pics... she's a nice teal color!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Card Swap

After working 9 hours of overtime.... I hit a wall
I knew I needed to come home and create 5 fabulous handmade cards
for a swap with the girls....

I also have made a resolution to not buy any new product in the month of June
I sat in the studio trying to put together different patterns for the card....
Frustrated I grabbed my purse and headed to Joann's

After wandering the aisles for a while 
I Walked out!!!
That's right, I left without buying anything!

I came home and made this wonderful card

The ice cream cone digi stamp I got from wings and willows (a super blog... check it out...)
I colored it with my copic's and prismacolor markers,
The red paper I made using some fun stamps I embossed onto plain white 
and then I used my "barn door" distress ink to make it the pretty red...
Both the polka dot and red paper is sewn on the edges using... that's right, my sewing machine! 

Then I had to add some pretties to the envelopes
And the flap side
On the inside of the card I stamped "thinking of you" from the stamp set I won from denami 
Voila!  I'm excited to give them away, and to get some fun cards in return.
Thanks for stopping by!  It's great to see you today!!


If you haven't already seen these prompts, go over to daisy yellow and follow along... 
it only takes a stack of index cards and your imagination!!! 
Today's prompt is "ideas for cards"
I went simple with some collaged papers, some stamping, some yellow and red distress inks and a little list...
I got a "new to me" Counting Crows cd today and thought I'd like to smash one of those songs...
Maybe an ICAD instead!!!
In case you can't tell from the pic, that list is on grid paper that I distressed!  
What can you create with a card and your imagination today??  

Friday, June 1, 2012

Index card a day #1

Quite a while back I stumbled upon daisy yellow an amazing blog
that explores art journals and is generally just 
heavy on colors and textures!
Just up my alley
Starting June 1st she is doing ICAD, or an Index Card a Day
It's a challenge to do something on an index card every day!
She gives a prompt, and also gives idea's of what to use

Today is day 1, 
the prompt is "Take a Voyage"

This is my card... I distressed the edges,
and in the true spirit of the saying I tried my hand at drawing an Eiffel Tower
did some stamping and the writing, added a few old postage stamps and voila! 

So if your feeling adventurous, and are ready to take on a daily challenge...
Check out ICAD!  it's a no pressure way to try new stuff... without it "counting against you"