Saturday, March 2, 2013

You are my sunshine

Good morning!
Happy weekend to you all! 
It's been a glorious sunny week here in Arizona
Ahh who am I kiddin, it's almost always sunny here...
after all, it only rains about 10 days a year!

I made this quick card as a go to card a few weeks ago when mom was here.
I thought I had blogged about it, just to find that alas, I had not...
so here is a bright and sunny ray of sunshine to fill your otherwise dull Saturday

This my friends is a fabulous stamp that I won from Stampendous!
The best part??  oh the best part is that it comes with a mask...
no, not like batman and robin mask.... well, I guess sort of like that...
it has a fabulous little plastic cutout to mask off the image
I'm super excited to use it on a large scale project!
Because let me tell you, this is one BIG stamp!

Have a crafty weekend! 

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