Friday, August 23, 2013

DIY Breakfast Burro's

 OMG I've been a real bad blogger this week!!
This new schedule is real WONKY!
Plus now I'll be changing schedule again in another week!
Soooo since I'm now working a dayshift schedule, I have been a very bad girl
I stop at McDonalds almost every morning for a breakfast burrito.
At $1 a pop, they are actually pretty affordable,
but I do feel much more comfortable knowing what's in my burro!
So yesterday I decided to make my own!
I started with a pack of tortillas and added some shredded cheese that I had in the fridge.
I then drained a can of black beans, and added that on top of the cheese and tortilla's  
I then fried up some bulk sausage that I got on sale at Sprouts  
and yep, you guessed it, I added that to the cheese and beans
Finally I scrambled up 9 eggs, and added that to the mixture!  
Then I wrapped those bad boys up 2 to a ziplock, and popped them in the freezer!
This morning I had the first two, and they were yummy!
Only thing I would do different is I will be using american slices in the future,
and I will make 10 instead of 8 burro's!
I might even add some spinach on the next go round as well!
All I can say is it was perfect after about 2 hours of work to just pop that zip lock in the micro for 2 minutes and bam! breakfast baby!!  

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