Saturday, May 23, 2015

Another memory board

A few weeks back I shared a memory board I had done for a friend with you all.
And now I am sharing another one. 
I have a whole stack of Scrabble boards left over from our wedding 
(we used the letters but not the boards)
So I figured this was the perfect time to re-purpose those boards. 
My friend also said that her dad was into hiking, fishing, the outdoors and coffee.  
He was also was a sheriff, so I incorporated all of these things into the board. 
I do have to say that this section of the board is by far my favorite. 
I asked my husband if he had any fishing things I could have.
He was able to give me the hooks, the AWESOME bobber, and the weights.  
I just love these all! 
I was even able to add this slice of wood to the board, 
and I re-purposed some of those scrabble letters. 
I do hope you have enjoyed today's post.
These boards have been a lot of fun to create, and a real labor of love for my friends going through the loss of a parent. 

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  1. Gorgeous creation Diana!! I like very much the way you have done it, fabulous ! Big hugs.


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