Friday, September 21, 2012

Using only one color

Over at Designed to Color they are celebrating their
1000th facebook fan!  And they are doing a bunch of giveaways.
One of the giveaways includes a challenge (well two of the giveaways include a challenge, but we're
only talking about one of them for this post!!!)
The challenge is to use only one color....
I'm not great with a single color.. but I'm up for any challenge!

So I pulled out all my markers and I grouped them together by color.
2 pink, 3 yellow, 2 green, 4 blue, 3 tan/brown, 1 orange, 1 purple, and 1 red.....
So I guess the likely choice would be blue, yellow or brown.
So I started with brown, but then realized the challenge said NO Sepia, and the
brown/ tan was definitely sepia looking....

But I'm hoping to use her for the current Autumn colors Challenge over at Dilly Beans

Sooooo back to the drawing board!  I picked up my green markers and went to work.
The green markers are a light and a dark.... no too much contrast.
That was last night, today in the light of day... ehhhhh no pop, no pizzazz!!!
I was playing around with my distress inks, and realized that I have 2 green distress inks!!! Yeah!!!
and I have a cake of green watercolor, and I have green glitter glue!
Ok, ok, I'm just rambling huh??  Here's the pic!

She is all green, but still pretty beautiful right???  Well I think so, and I'm hoping to incorporate her
into a fallish project, so hopefully this won't be the last you'll see of this beauty!
Remember to check out the fun over at Designed to Color and enter one of their fun giveaways!!!  There's still a little bit of time!  and follow them on Facebook too! 
Happy Crafting!


  1. What a fun challenge to really get you looking at colour.I like both peices and as you say they will be lovely to be able to incorporate into something more.
    No sepia? Interesting!

  2. She is gorgeous! Thanks for joining us with out monochromatic color challenge at Designed To Color!

  3. now THAT is what i call creative crafting! so glad you pulled out the other supplies, because there is definitely some POP here! love her in green! thanks for joining my Monochromatic Color challenge at Designed to Color! :)

  4. Both are fantastic! I have to admit, I would have never thought green when looking at that image, but it really is beautiful!


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