Thursday, June 14, 2012

ICAD's 11 & 14

 I did miss a few day's of ICAD!  But I'm back at it!!!  
This Purple Pretty was a prompt....
 #11. "Purple Flower"
I was clipping my coups, surfing daisy yellow, and thought why don't I use purple from the ads...
So I cut out all purple ads, and made this little pretty! 

Then the prompt for today was 
#14. "Stripes"
Tammy used burlap to make stripes, and I glanced over at my stash of ribbons...
what a great time to use them??  

I hope you enjoyed the ICAD's, I will be posting my Tim Holtz June tag today as well, 
so come back and check that out!  It's been over a week in the making!  


  1. Nice use of ribbons - I never know what to do with them!

  2. like your ribbon stripes card!!

  3. that ribbon card makes me want to reach out and touch it. Gotta love using fibbers and stuff like that in art hey?

  4. These are both great cards! I've been eyeing my ribbons with an idea to use've given me the push I need. Love that purple collage, too...AND your typewriter!!

  5. :) I love these, but that ribbon card is gorgeousness itself. It came out so well. An idea for the ribbons I have that I never use! :)

  6. Just found the Daisy Yellow blog tonight & your link there. Love the purple flower card. Just thought I'd wave hello from across town here in Avondale. :)

  7. cute cards, and love that you did your 'photo op' on a typewriter keyboard!


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