Friday, June 1, 2012

Index card a day #1

Quite a while back I stumbled upon daisy yellow an amazing blog
that explores art journals and is generally just 
heavy on colors and textures!
Just up my alley
Starting June 1st she is doing ICAD, or an Index Card a Day
It's a challenge to do something on an index card every day!
She gives a prompt, and also gives idea's of what to use

Today is day 1, 
the prompt is "Take a Voyage"

This is my card... I distressed the edges,
and in the true spirit of the saying I tried my hand at drawing an Eiffel Tower
did some stamping and the writing, added a few old postage stamps and voila! 

So if your feeling adventurous, and are ready to take on a daily challenge...
Check out ICAD!  it's a no pressure way to try new stuff... without it "counting against you"


  1. I absolutely love what you wrote on this card! It's so so so true! And your use of stamps and the hand drawn Eiffel Tower (great jo b BTW) are wonderful. Can I ask why you chose the Eiffel Tower? I'm just so curious! Anyways, great card!

    1. Thank you! I choose the Eiffel Tower because it's a place I would love to go! I'm so excited for this challenge!

  2. OOh, another one that has used postage stamps, I did too. Love the quirkyness of the Eiffel Tower drawing.

  3. I LOVE your card! I love the postage stamps and the quote. Your Eiffel Tower is just wonderful! This is another one of cards I wish I could just frame and hang on my wall to look at all the time. Great job!


  4. Nice card, the old postage stamps really make it! xox

  5. love that quote...and your drawing turned out well too!


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