Sunday, June 3, 2012

New toys

Every other Saturday is half price at my local good will....
The hubby and I wandered through the throngs of deal seekers looking for our own treasures
Hubby found three CDs he wanted (unfortunately they all three had been stolen out of the cases)
I had my eye out for this beauty

I'm smitten...
The little kid in line behind us said "what kind of computer is that?"
And when I sent mom a pic of my new toy she said "it looks old not new"

Something's were built to last
Upon returning home with my pretty I found the a and q keys weren't working.. I pulled out hubbies needle nose pliers and went to work... 

Now she hums and purrs while I type away...
No I won't be writing any ransom notes on this baby... But her pretty letters will be showing up in my art very soon..
And because you can't tell from the pics... she's a nice teal color!

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