Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An altered tin can

I've been trying some different type of materials lately,
This last week it's been Aluminum tape..
Pick it up at your local hardware store for about $4 for 10 ft.
I was a litle leery, but figured I could splurge on this just to see...
Today Hubby came in the craft room and said "whatcha makin"
I replied.. "I'm just playing around"
I think getting a feel for things is important, and so I
threw some alcohol ink on the tape, and ran it through an embossing
folder.  Then added a little bit of black gesso.  I then promptly stuck it on
a tin can that used to house some black olives (I made some pasta salad today.)
**And had every intention of writing a post about that.... but Hubby got a hold of it before
I could shoot any pics!**
Ok, so here's the tape project!

I'm pretty positive that this isn't some new project that's never been done before,
but I think it makes my paintbrush container awfully pretty!

I will definitely be buying the bigger roll of tape next time for a few bones more!
Have any of you ever played with this fun product before?? 


  1. Isn't it wonderful what you can do with this tape Diana. I have used it on boxes and recycled books and it is such fun to play with as well as being economical.
    Your tin looks super. I love what the alcohol ink does.

  2. Great container Diana! I love playing with metal tape and have been a fan for a while. Love the colours you used followed by the gesso.

  3. This is ultra cool! I have never used this before, but now I'm thinking I may tag along on the next trip DH makes to the hardware store!!


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