Thursday, August 23, 2012

Movie Review

I know this is out of my usual realm of crafting and such,
And maybe it doesn't belong here... But last night Hubs and I actually went to the
movies together.  I asked him what the last movie he saw in the theater was
and the last he could remember was one of the Narnia movies.
So apparently he doesn't go as often as I do!
We went for "The Campaign" you know that new Will Farrell/ Zach Galifanakis (the creepy
guy from Hangover) movie?
Some of the commercials made it seem funny, and I thought it might be a good "date"
movie as it's not just a chick flick!

I was Wrong!
There seemed to be little to no plot, and when you thought you had finally caught up with
what was going on, they would go off on some crazy/ absurd tagent!
I have liked Will Farrell in the past, but I would not recommend this movie!

On the up side... It was pouring outside (like cats and dogs!!! in Arizona!!!)
So we stayed for a second movie... ParaNorman
It's a claymation movie, and the premise is that Norman can see and talk to
dead people (or Ghosts)
He walks through the town talking to all these ghosts, and doesn't have any
friends because of it. 
Norman has to of course save the town from the "witch," by reading her a bedtime story.
Norman quickly realizes that this will just put the witch to sleep for another year and he will then have to
read the story again.  Norman instead delves into why the witch is haunting
the town, and finds she is simply misunderstood, and needs someone to comfort her.
Norman does this.
I felt this movie was very well put together, and worth a watch... At least rent it out
of the Redbox in a few months.  I don't have kids, but I wouldn't recommend it for small children..
There are some scenes they wouldn't understand, and another with
a lot of flashing and it could be scary for them! 
If you're headed out to the theater this week skip The Campaign and go for the kids
movie!  ParaNorman is where it's at.. Plus they offer it in 3D (where available) and I bet that
would be lots of fun!!! 
Hope you're having a fun and creative Thursday! 

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  1. Thanks for the tip! We don't go to the movies very often either and I hate when we finally do and then it's not worth it! We have been debating Paranorman (my girls are 13 and 10) and now I think we might just give it a try.


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