Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A little getaway

I know I've pretty quiet the last week, 
Today I'm gonna share a little of what we've been up to!
For Christmas my parents got us a getaway groupon to a hotel in flagstaff, az.
We've been trying to use it, and this week it just worked out just right!
As we were arriving in town the snow had already started moving down! 
I was terrified to drive in the snow, so hubby took over. 
He did an amazing job!
We ate dinner at a place called granny's closet, it was a cute sports bar with great grub!
Then hubby took me to Joann's and michaels while he hung out at a couple 
of used book/ music stores.
I wasn't too impressed with my stores, but found a cool scrapbook book in his store!
We headed back to our room, where there was a fireplace to snuggle by.

The next morning hubby was on a mission to see the nau (northern arizona university) campus.
So as the sun was bright and beautiful, we ventured out. 
This pic was taken in front of the nau stadium! And yes, hubby is in shorts!
He forgot to bring long pants, but he was a real trooper!
The stadium was open, with lots of people running inside. Oh, it's a dome, 
so it was toasty warm inside.

I was able to stop by the only scrapbook store in town, were I met the wonderful owner, 
And I got some fun new products that I can't wait to break out!

This fabulous tree was right outside our hotel room, and I just had to take a pic!

Then we ventured around the city for a while. Eventually we hit the outskirts of town, and hubby pulled into a museum parking lot. And there sat this very cool old tractor!
I hopped on out and took a pic! 
The snow was just starting to melt from the sun, and I was fascinated by the dripping icicles!
My grandfather was a farmer, and would have loved this picture, I'm sure of it!
Finally after all our trekking around town, we were both getting hungry,
And I was getting grumpy!
So we stopped into a fabulous little place called Salsa Brava!
 Come to find out it was featured on diners drive ins and dives a few years back! 
I totally had food envy when hubs got their award winning carnitas! 
We fenagled the recipe out of the waitress, and I'm excited to try to recreate it! 

After lunch we were getting tired, so we headed home! 
Then took an early evening nap! 

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  1. This looks like quite a fun outing and the food sounds amazing!
    The tractor picture made me smile! My Dad refurbished old tractors before his stroke and this would have been a gold mine to him!!


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