Tuesday, January 8, 2013

How do you organize your challenges?

Soooo I loooove challenges!
I love being able to combine a number of crafty endeavors into one completed work!
I love making my embellies too!
I digress! Soooo my question is... If you are like me and you play along with lots 
Of challenge blogs... How do you organize them?
This is my way... I make a list with the challenge and the due date...
Yep, that's pretty much it! 
Of course I end up with these lists all over the place.
So I've finally wished up and now I add the date the list was made to the top of... The list!
Yes, as you can see from the pic, I'm also checking my grocery ads at the Same time!
It's my type a personality, and the fact that I'm so far behind on things around the house.. Due to being sick!
Thanks goin out to hubby who cleaned AND cooked for me yesterday!
Today I'm back up and around! 
Mostly waiting for the repair guy to come fix our garage door spring!
But hopefully putting my list to use! 
Have a crafty day! 
I hope to have another post later!

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  1. Hah, I'm like you, I keep several running lists plus starring the challenges in my Google Reader. :)


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