Sunday, February 17, 2013

Advice needed

Hey all!  I'm back from my fabulous week with mom and dad! 
We did a lot of relaxing, and a lot of running around!  he he he 
But mom and I got to do some crafting, 
I helped her make some cards to send out, and some for a little bit of a stash.

So.... I bet you're wondering what I need advice on???
Here's the deal after making about 10 cards this week with mom 
she turned to me and said... "I'd really like to do this at home".... "what would I need to get started?"
That my dear bloggy friends is where you all come into the picture....(Well you are always here but...)
If you were just starting out in your crafty adventure, and had very very limited supplies,
what would be the most important tools you would add to your arsenal??
Please keep in mind that mom is going to be doing mostly card making!

I know for me, my basics would of course be a stack or two of paper, and my bumblebee scissors.
I'm going to visit mom and my sister in Florida in April, and mom wants to go shopping for some supplies.
So any advice is appreciated!  
Thanks all! 

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  1. Good adhesive- I love Tombow Mono Multi glue, and a paper cutter!


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