Thursday, February 7, 2013

Another Smash page Featuring Angie Delarie Digi

Ok ok ok, so this was a fun one! 
And my second offerring featuring one of the two new Angie Delarie digi's
you can find them in her etsy shop here 
There is a fun story behind this pic of hubby
See a while back I cut myself some bangs...
And like any new owner of bangs would do, I left that little strip of hair
sitting on the bathroom counter while I admired my new do!
Lo and behold, a few minutes later
out comes hubby with that strip of hair "taped" to his lip
Yep, he's a ham!
And also, this was my attempt at doing a clean and simple smash page...
Hey, all I can say is I tried!!! 
I hope you like these new digi's that miss Angie is putting out!! 
I think they are way cool, and perfect for any last minute Valentines projects that you might have!
And the best part is you don't have to wait for shipping!!! 
So hop on over and swoop you up some of these beauts!

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  1. Funny and I love that you took a picture! I think your CAS smash page looks fabulous!!


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