Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coffee makes the world go round... or at least mine!

Oh sweet coffee!!! 
I do literally think it makes my morning brighter, 
and is the cure all for any headache!

I'm not a huge fan of regular Starbucks coffee,
but when I heard their Fraps would be only $2 over Memorial Day weekend
I knew I'd be there... (to clarify, they were only at the Starbucks inside the Safeway stores!)

Friday I mozied on over to my local Safeway and ordered up a nice cold 
Cookie Crumble Frap!
MMMMMMM sweet goodness... 
I spied these little cards on the counter, and picked up a comment card to boot...
Perfect for some smashing

Then the next morning I finished off a can of White Chocolate Carmel Latte 
Creamer.. so I ripped the wrapper off that bad boy 
hit it with a little heat gun, and voila... perfect for smashing...
Finally, my favorite piece of the smashing puzzle...
This little tag.. the coffee ring is made with real coffee, out of a real coffee cup! 
Super easy, just splash it over the edge, like what happens when your cat jumps up and the coffee sloshes 
over the edge.  Let it dry, stamp a little saying in the middle, add a rusty washer and some twine (from the twinery of course) 

And you've got yourself a smoking hot (and great smelling) smash* page.
FYI, I modge podge'd a napkin to the page as the background. 

What gets you up and going in the morning? How many cups does it take??


  1. I think it takes a very rambunctious 7 year old to coerce me from my bed most mornings. Maybe I should take up a daily drinking habit! Coffee, that is!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!! Xx

  2. Thanks Mary! I'm on my second cup today! :)


Thank you for all your comments! They are the cherry on top of my sundae!