Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday finds

About two months ago I stopped working the graveyard shift, and now have to be up at 4:30
in the morning 3 -4 days a week.  
However I'm off on Saturdays! 

So at 6 am I get up, make a cup of coffee, and head out to see what I can find to use in my art!

Today I ventured up to a 55+ community and ran into a couple of estate sales.
Sometimes they creep me out.. but I'm in search of maps, and vintage metal findings,
books, ect...

Today was a bit of a treasure trove!

Maps, pictures, a copy of "Little Women" with a signature and date of 1949. 
The pictures are all old black and whites, 
and there are actually about 5x's the amount of 
postage stamps as you see...

The maps are from Germany, and most dated in the 80's

There was also this little hand held scorecard for Bridge

All are enough to get the creative juices flowing...
The bonus is that the stamps I found have some value... I paid 50 cents for them, and I found one worth 15.00!  I'd say that's an investment... If I could find anyone to buy it of course!!!

What do you look for at yard/estate sales??  How do you plan to use them in your future projects?  
Please feel free to post your pictures, or link up to the treasures you have found!  T
Thanks for looking, and come back soon!

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