Friday, May 25, 2012

Smash* Challenge #1

This weekend I am participating in the Three 24 hour smash* aholics challenge.  It's 3 challenges for 
each of the three days of the weekend.

The first challenge was to make a page about someone or something special..
So I flipped thru my pictures and this one stood out t me...

It's of my parents from their last visit.  And in honor of my mom finally starting to follow this blog I thought 
I'd include her!!

Some close ups of the details... The pretty butterfly with Ranger acrylic paints, and home made 
glitter spray (I used an old container of eyeshadow)

The little glassine envelope was left over from my wedding, and I added a little bit of twine

At the top of the pic is the xoxo glittery ribbon, some coups I got at a raffle a while back..
The king and queen are from the cover of a book of stamps, and I made the mom and 
dad sign from scratch...
It's a cute little page, and much more smash* like than I usually do!  I hope you enjoy!

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