Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prompt: Wacky

This past weekend at our smashing Smash* crop
Holly gave us a prompt for the evening... it was Wacky...
I had literally smashed the background of this page prior, using my new 
Acrylic Dabbers using this technique and had added the Starburst wrappers 
thinking I would do a candy page!

But the colors just screamed WACKY
and so I went to work... Hoping that my toils would win me a small smash* book prize

The pics I happened to have taken with my Ipad on our recent Grand Canyon
trip with mom and dad... they are in "infrared"

I had stamped and painted the kites earlier in the day

using of course my ranger distress inks after stamping and embossing the outline I 
used my paintbrush with a little water and the ink I filled 
in the kites... it gives a cool water color effect

Next I added some of my smash* pad top 10 notecards

I added the washi, made some "Wacky" "Color" tags

Voila! While I don't think it won me a new smash* book (I left before the drawing,) 
it was very satisfying to finish a page
and to use the funky pictures that I thought would never make it into any

Do you have that funky picture that you don't think will fit anywhere??  Are you bold enough
to just go for it??

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  1. Diana I love this "wacky" page! It's perfect. And I so enjoy reading your posts. You are one cool gal. I forgot to tell you, although your pages are award winning in my book, Kasey won the prize mini smash book. Bummer for us both huh? I finally got mine all done, I made it a goals page with the words, Dream big, "wacky" ideas, leaps of faith, JUMP! Hugs to you! H


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