Saturday, May 26, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Paper Scraps

Today I will have two posts for you.
The update is that I'm right where I should be with doing a challenge every day,
However I don't always have time to blog what I've created each day.
Soooo this challenge (paper scraps) was actually created yesterday.

I used only scraps of paper for this. 
And yes that included the girls!
Here is one of my dirty secrets...
Probably not the best picture, but that is my stash of paper pieces.
And in that stash I found the girls.
I'm almost positive that I got them at one of the two Dina Wakley classes that I attended a few years ago.
So this was a pretty simple and straight forward.
I glued down scraps of paper onto the journal.
Some overlapped, some didn't.
Then I did a white wash of watered down acrylic paint to sort of bring the boldness down.
From there it was time to work on the girls.
They are by the way just printed on copy paper. 
I colored them with the scribble sticks, and then a little bit of water brought them to the state they're in.

I didn't even really have to fussy cut them. 
I mounted them onto some old scraps of dictionary paper.
A secret: I liked the lines on the dictionary paper, but only had enough to do one of the girls.
So I added the lines to the other piece of paper that I used! 
Finishing touches were some nonsensical writing with the uni-ball white pen, 
and the addition of the Bible verse.
All hand written! 
I'm starting to like my writing a little bit more.  
So that was yesterday, and I hope you are a bit inspired!

Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win your own pack of scribble sticks! 
Have a blessed day! 

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