Saturday, May 19, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Letters

The challenge today: LETTERS
I think when I wrote that prompt out I thought of gluing old letters to the background. 
But that's not how it turns out!  

I made the colorful background with paints and a brayer.  
I did gesso the pages first, and that's a great great great idea! 

Then I stamped and stenciled the letters. 
I just used whatever I could find that was letters, and I tried to not have them 
be in any particular order. 

Then I added the white for the verse.  
I painted with my white acrylic paint. 
Which many of you know isn't the easiest thing to write on!
I looked everywhere for my fude ball pen, 
But it's been lost over my two year hiatus!
I promptly ordered some new ones from Amazon that will be here on Monday, 
But in the mean time I had to make due! 
So I grabbed the closest thing that I thought would work.
A Sharpie, and well, it got the job done.  Not very elegant, but it's another finished piece. 

The final touch is I added the black around the edges. 
I used the black scribble stick for this, and then I wanted to write on it, but I couldn't find anything
that would show up other than my white paint pen, and well it's just too thick for that. 

If anyone has a suggestion I'd take it! 

Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win your own set of scribble sticks!  

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