Saturday, May 26, 2018

Art Journal Challenge: Gelato's (kind of!)

Yes, I am posting two times today.  
Like many of you I work a full time job 
(Sometimes more than full time since I own my own business!)
And while I make the time to get creative,
I often run out of the time to get the blog live!
So since it's Saturday (yeah!) and that is a slower work day,
I get to blog while I sit and enjoy a cup of espresso at a local coffee shop! 
So today's prompt was Gelato's.
And I KNOW that I have some in my studio...
But alas I could not find them! 
So I pulled the closest thing I could think of, and that was Distress Crayons. 
Not quite the same, but in the same family! 
It's pretty bright and kind of busy but I'm liking it! 
Besides, it's about pushing myself right??
So first I put down the crayons
spritz with water and rub with my finger and there you go!
Not exactly what I was picturing, but I went with it anyways!
So I added a bit of white paint through stencils.
That seemed to be a bit more me! 
Then I saw the houses,
two of which I had already stamped, colored and cut out the other day, 
but never used them.  So there they sat on the desk.
I just stamped a couple more, and then colored them with the crayons.
cut them out, and they had to have something to sit on,
so I used the black crayon to make the "hills"
After gluing them down I realized that I wanted to write on the black. 
No bueno though, my uni-ball would write about two letters. 
So I used the white distress crayon. 
It's not quite the look I wanted, but that was a learning lesson! 
Next time stick to the paint!

Hope you are having a blessed weekend, and that you're enjoying my days of challenges! 

Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win your own set of scribble sticks! 

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