Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Documented life

I'm super excited to share a new project with you all today!
It was another killers work last week!
And lots of work leaves little time for creativity!
 However I did stumble upon this amazing project last week, and I wanted to join that second!
It's called Documented Life.
One part art journal, one part planner, and a challenge to boot!
There is a challenge every Sunday,
Something you can add to your planner,
And they really challenge you to document what's going on in your life.
This week the challenge is to draw a house.
Since that is pretty much out of my talent ability right now, I put one together with some
Scraps that have been hanging out! 
 The house was so big and looming,
So I did some doodling on one side! 
And then I had to add the heart, because home really is where the heart is! 
I'm so so soexcitedfor this new challenge, and so excited to be doings early journaling again! 

If you want to join this awesome project there is a Facebook page here,
 And you check out the blog here

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