Thursday, May 8, 2014

Playing with Gelato's, and a bit of a tutorial!

And what a hurried morning it was for me!
I had to finish mom's mother's day card, and I also had to work on this FABULOUS creation!
I know I don't do tutorials too often,
but I got to playing with my new Faber Castel gelato's, and I think it's perfect timing.
I mentioned a few posts ago that I had gotten some gelatos,
I bought the blue pack,
and then at my retreat my secret sister (Mary) got me the starter pack!
It includes pink, yellow, gold, and some great little packets of glass bead glue, gesso, and other yummies!
So to start with I bought one of those cool We R Memory Keepers Envelope makers!
NO! This post is not about that.... but I did use the back piece of the packaging for my base!
Here it is after I painted it with white Gesso
The gesso pretty much covered all of the graphics that were printed on the board.
I then used an alphabet stamp and stamped all over the background!
Sorry no close up picture of this til later!
I then stamped on a piece of tissue paper
The very cool thing about this is when you adhere it to the chipboard, the tissue papers sort of disappears, it's very cool, and you are left with the image.
Next step was to add some of the gelato's
They go on and look like crayon (nope, not kidding!)
Then comes the fun part, getting your fingers dirty!
Soooo, you just spritz a little water, or you can dip your fingers (or a paint brush if you want) into some water, and then brush the gelato's around.
See how the yellow is covering the bottom of the chipboard?
From here ther are any number of directions you can go with a piece like this!
My next step was to add some purple and blue gelato's
and then I held the chipboard upright and I sprayed.. and sprayed... and sprayed with my
water bottle!
Just let it run down the page.
Like this:
I then sopped (yes sopped!) up the excess that pooled at the bottom and on my desk.
and I took a piecs of plastic (think ziplock bag type plastic)
 and I smooshed (thats a real technical term) the running gelato's about the page.
Again, no real great close up of this, but you'll see it later on in the project.
Next I took the gelato's to a butterfly cut out of Tim Holtz kraft paper.
Here's a tip.... keep the like colors together, otherwise everything will turn out dark!
See I tried to make the circles on the wings pink, but they got sorta muddled!
I then added some glass bead glue to the top of the butterfly and I set him outside to dry.
(And yes I said HIM, butterflies CAN be males!)
For my next step I did another bit of stamping on tissue paper.
I love this sentiment.
Again I used my modge podge to adhere the tissue paper to the chipboard
see how you can see the color and stamps through the paper, and it virtually disappears.
I then took my fine sharpie around the stamping,
I think it makes the wording stand out.
Ok, so then finally I wanted this whole thing to actually say something!
So I dug out the largest size stamps I have, and I stamped in black staz-on ink
You can see where I started outlining the stamped letters,
I didn't think they were BIG enough, and so by adding the boxes around them, it makes them stand out even more.
See, and then I added a little bit of white gel pen doodling to the letters as well!
Are you ready to see the finished product??
Yes! Me too!
So you know what I LOVE so much about using old product packaging??
see the hole that's already punched in the top, it's like a built in picture hanger!
Plus I'm keeping this bad boy out of the landfill!
Yep, it's gonna go up on the wall somewhere of my husband's

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  1. This is awesome! Love the colors and the idea to use the packaging...nice job!


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