Monday, May 13, 2013

Challenge: day 13

Issue a public appology (Funny or Serious)

Dear Ant,
I'd like to appologize for stepping on your cousin.
I cannot tell you how very sorry I am that I maimed someone so very close to you.
I was simply walking to the mailbox.  I was very excited about my new
rubber stamps that I was expecting. 
You see these stamps were so highly anticipated, and I needed them to finish
that project that I had been putting off.  You see new stamps are to me as
awesome and amazing as lets say if I were to drop gently place a bucket of chicken
next to your ant pile. The smell alone is enough to send me into a frenzy!
So as I walked rushed down the sidewalk I was distracted by what awaited me!
And I didn't see your cousin until it was too late.
I stopped hoping maybe I could get him some medical help, but he squirmed around in a cirlce
and seemed to be trying to hobble off.  I'm afraid there may have been some internal damage,
I hope he goes to Urgent Care. 

Please accept my sincerest appologies!

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