Sunday, May 5, 2013

Challenge: Day 5

Oh my oh my, today's challenge is:
Publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends.
(what makes them great? Why do you love them?)

I vividly remember one of my very first meet ups with the Sensational Scrappers of the West Valley! It was in a starbucks, and I felt abnormally shy.  Like how was this going to play out??  Were these ladies going to be judgemental?  Was I going to be so far behind what these ladies do?
In walked Mary, greeting everyone as she came, and making us all feel welcome. 
I don't remember what we discussed, or did at that very first meet up, but I remember on the way out that Mary mentioned to me that her and one of the other ladies Holly were bloggers. 
When I got home I promptly found both of their blogs, and I resurrected my own blog from a year earlier. I believe that I started blogging my art and paper creations very soon after. 
Mary has been a constant cheerleader for my journey with design teams, and creations in general.
I am so excited when she posts a new tutorials on youtube, and shares her knowledge at our make and takes every few months.
It of course helps that our style is very similar, and we use a lot of the same products!  We rescenly had a Wizard of Oz tag swap, and I was so very happy that Mary was one of the particiapants, just for the fact that I knew whatever she created would be greatly loved at in my studio! 
Miss Mary got me turned on to the Saturated Canary Digi stamps, which lead to my love of Dilly Beans and Angie Delarie digi stamps as well.  I never would have acquired so many copic markers if it wasn't for her, and I never would have watched so many youtube video's, and I never would have won my very first prize pack which included a ton of twine that I still have gobs and gobs of! 
My hat's off to you Mary, Thank you for encouraging me, and pushing me to try new and amazing things!

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