Monday, May 27, 2013

Challenge: Day 27

A Letter to My readers
Dearest Readers,
   First I would like to thank you all for sticking around through all my posts.  I know I am a novice at both blogging, and at crafting.  I LOVE that I can look and see how many of you have touched my life, and I HOPE that I am touching yours.  Maybe with a technique that I'd showcased, or with a posting like this one. 
    Second I hope that you will continue to follow my little blog.  I promise to keep it real.  We all want to appear perfect, and I hope you have seen through this blog that I am far from perfect.  I will always be open and honest about that. I do however promise to try new things, and to share those new things with you! 
    Lastly I would like to take this time to simply say you all are the best!  The encouragement I get on a daily basis keeps me in my craft room, and keeps me uploading my (sometimes crappy) pictures!  It keeps me encouraged beyond belief! 
Thank you so very much!

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