Friday, May 31, 2013

Challenge: Day 31

A vivid Memory

First off, I have to say this has been a blogging adventure!!!
I have immensely enjoyed blogging every day, and having a prompt has been fabulous!
Props going out to Jenni for putting this thing together, and for all those of you out there that made it to the end, BRAVO!
I did miss two days of blogging (the 1st and the 22nd) and I had thought about going back and revisiting the prompts, but I've decided that 29 out of 31 days is pretty darn good!

 Some of you may have been to this amazing place before
(I'm guessing lots of you actually!)
Hawaii is one of those places that you just never forget!
It's amazing, and different, and ohhhh the relaxation!
I have vivid memories of riding the Trolley, and of seeing lots and lots of rainbows,
of going to shaved ice (and seeing one of the Voltaggio brothers!) riding in a convertable with the wind in our hair, and eating shrimp that had just been caught and cooked!
Of walking through a bamboo forest, and a lava field on the same day!
Snorkling on a sunken island, and getting rained out of our luau!
As I write this, and I'm looking at that pic, I can't believe that I was there!

If you have joined in the Blog Every Day in May challenge, thanks so much for stopping by!
If you like what you see, and like crafty sorts of blogs, stay and hang for a while! 
I'd love to get to know you!

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