Friday, May 3, 2013

Challenge: day 3

Still playing along with the blog every day in May challenge!
Today the challenge is: Things that make you uncomfortable

Oh my! The things that make me uncomfortable... We are really starting to take the gloves off here aren't we?? 
I don't share this all the time, but the thing that makes me the most uncomfortable has to do with my husband.  He is much much MUCH more outgoing than me.  That isn't to say that I'm a wallflower by any stretch of the imagination, but he literally has never met a stranger.  I once came home for my lunch break to find a complete stranger having dinner with him.  To say the least this made me uncomfortable.  I love my husband immensely, and I trust his judgment most all the time.
He is willing to put himself out there, something that I don't do too often, maybe it's my job, or who knows what, maybe I am just more cautious.  There are times when we are out and about, and he will say strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, and an immense uncomfortablility comes over me. Hubby will do or say something that I feel is akward, and I shy away from the whole situation.  How do I possibly overcome this??  I think that it's simply one of the many differences that make the two of us who we are, and I'm sure that there are things that I may do that make him uncomfortable as well!

There are a number of other things that make me uncomfortable, like wearing a swim suit, or trying a new art technique, or often times talking to someone that I idolize!  I am lucky enough to have some wonderful people in my life that help me get through those tough times! 

Remember if you're playing along, or if you'd just like some great reading for the day link up with this fabulous challenge here!


  1. Wow a compleat stranger? Your husband sounds like me. I'm so outgoing I annoy myself lol! I'm sure my husband might feel the same as you sometimes but he says he's glad that someone else does the talking now!

  2. Another wonderful post! I'm not so sure feeling uncomfortable is a bad thing. Sometimes it's our gut instincts way of telling us something's not quite right. Although, being outgoing isn't a bad thing either...


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