Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Challenge: Day 7

Wowza, I'm on day 7!!  This challenge has been a lot of fun for me so far....  If you're interested in joining in for the last three weeks you can find the challenge and the fabulous prompts here.

The things you're most afraid of
Almost 6 years ago I moved to Phoenix from Florida..
You hear about the snakes, and the scorpions, and the other crazy bad animals here,
and after 5 years of nothing, this past fall I came across this guy while I was walking into work!
You see, my job is sort out in the desert... like there are some buildings and stuff nearby, but pretty much we get coyotes and owls, and other crazy kind of animals
out here all the time.  So I'm walking past all the cars lined up in the parking lot and I realize I left my keycard in the car, I turn around quick, and there he is!
I stopped dead in my tracks!
and I backed my way into the building!
I am rather afraid of snakes.. there is just something creepy crawly about them!
I know they are needed for the environment ect ect... but wow was I scared!
Ok, so after the shock sorta wore off I ran back outside and snapped this pic of the ferocious creature! 
Come to find out, he's not a rattler like I had thought... he's a Bull Snake.

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  1. I'm with you Diana! Snakes can all just move to some island where no one ever has to see one again! :)

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