Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Days of Halloween: Day 4

Back to work for me yesterday!
So todays post is going to be quick! 
I had made these fun and easy pots a few years ago! 
Hey I never said all the projects would be brand new!
Every year for Halloween I pull them out....
Sometimes I fill them with candy, sometimes I fill them with nothing at all!
Sometimes I debate planting something in them!
But I never do! 
So super easy!  You can pick these little guys up at any big box home store
(home depot, lowes, ect)
Or you could support local and get them at ace or any other number of small businesses!
You just need some orange, yellow and white paint.
Be careful to try to keep your lines as straight as possible!
I love these little guys cause candy corn is my most favorite halloween candy!
So quick, easy, and fun! 
Happy creating! 


  1. Really bright and cheery colours - they'd brighten up my garden very nicely!

  2. I feel like I keep repeating myself, but I love this project too! This is such a great posting idea!! Super cute planters!

  3. So much fun! Anything candy corn is just so cheery!


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