Thursday, October 18, 2012


Soooo, I'm having a stressful night, and I happened upon Kellie Winnell's blog here
Not that I don't usually stop by her blog every day, but this is the first time today ha ha!
She is always so inspirational, and today she's got a little link up Currently....
Where we can post what we're up to right now, it's always nice to get to know some of the other ladies
(and gents) in the crafting world!  
Sooooo without further ado....
Loving: My super soft kitty that takes my chair every time I get up, but then licks my toes when I toss him on the floor!  I love that he loves to come in the craft room with me and just hang out! I love that he was terrified of the doggie when she came home with a new hair cut, but then let her lick his ears, and did I mention that he's super soft??
Reading: Honestly I haven't had time to read much, but I do have a copy of "The Great Gatsby" in my work bag.  I try to get to it sometimes, but that doesn't seem to happen very often.
Watching: I'm not currently watching anything but this computer screen, but I've been really really really into game shows lately!  Like the Price is Right, or Lets Make a Deal, ect ect.  Sometimes I even get up super early (for me 9 am is super early ok! (I work nights!)) and watch Drew Carrey, and then I go back to bed!  Ha!
Anticipating: This one is super easy, I'm anticipating mom and dad's arrival... in two weeks and 1 day!  It feels like forever since I saw them, and it was just in April!  I heard Dad's got a case of the envies, and wants to maybe head to Prescott!  I just love it up there, and he definitely would not be twisting my arm to head that way!
Listening to: Chitter Chatter of my co-workers! It can be soothing.... Oh, maybe you mean in my car??  Lots of K-Love and the new Matchbox Twenty album (I'm so jealous of all you Aussie girls out there that might actually get to see Rob in concert!!!) I'll just bide my time I guess!
Planning: Well Mom and Dad's trip of course!  We're gonna go to Tucson, and maybe Prescott, and I wanna work on the.... Oh wait, that's the next one... so planning, their trip, and how I can get my house back into shape before they come!  Thanks hubby for all your hard work!
Working on: Ok, so I'll be working on.... the family cookbook... at least I hope to be doing that when mom comes... or let me rephrase that, Mom hopes to be doing that when she comes.  I have apparently dropped the ball a little bit on this one!  I'm also working on a cool Candy holder for the new DT that I just got invited to!  That's right, my second!  I'm excited!  That's right ladies, here's the link: the crafters cafe challenge blog the new DT's were announced just 7 hours ago! I've already got my list of projects for that fun little gem!
Wishing: Honestly that it was a whole lot cooler outside!  I just don't understand how it's still almost 100 and it's near the end of October??? I hope it hurries up and cools off before mom and dad come!  

So..... this is a piece of my brain!  Ha ha ha... if you wanna slap up a quick post and link it to Kellie's blog, join us!  I'm off to see what all the rest of the girls are up to!  
Have a crafty evening, and a crafty weekend!

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  1. Such a fun idea to give a little insight into each other's lives! Loved getting to learn a little more about you!
    I have to admit that when you mentioned your 'soft kitty' I thought of the song from Big Bang Theory and it made me smile!


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